Our Services include marketing intelligence and analysis, strategic marketing, product marketing,

Go to Market strategy, sales development and management,

all these are specially designed according to your technology and products characterization for China market.

For clients who don’t know even fear the practice associated with running business entity directly in China, we can also help address with reliable and trusted service.

Service Type

The service can be signed as Interim, Part-time, or Retainer. The service can be available starting from 4 hours to 40 hours per week.

Service Rates and Expenses
Service can be contracted as per hour, per day, project-based, or retainer.
Other cost and expense:

·       BSC maintains its own office at our expense.

·       BSC bears transportation costs within the Beijing metro area.

·       BSC bears mobile phone voice and data expenses.

·       Expense associated with sales and marketing activities of the client's business, seminar, meeting, exhibition, necessary customer entertainment, meals, and the travel outside Beijing, hotel, taxi, train, and flight (economic class) will be reimbursed by client with appropriate documentation. These activities would be pre-approved by the client.

·       High speed train is preferred for travelling in China. 

·       Travel duration below two hours is not billed to client.

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