Project Name:
Launching New Generation Photolithography machine and Aligner in China
Task Description:
The unique wavelength 172nm VUV light source and the configurable aligner system is an innovative lab tool for the applications of Direct polymer imaging/photoablation, surface treatment and so on. The client needed China local resource to design and implement Go to Market strategy.
Result Delivered:
  • Selected sales partner in China who was proved to be trusted and qualified.

  • Helped partner import and setup the demo unit at their site, make Chinese product datasheet and videos, showcase periodically the system through various local popular medias, WeChat, Douyin, Baidu.

  • Attended exhibition and symposium of chemistry, photon-electronics, quantum display, etc., showcasing the system and the applications.

  • The sales funnel was created, reported, and reviewed with client periodically.

  • Described field applications detail to headquarter. Bridged the technical discussion between end user and the expert of manufacture.

  • Helped conduct the RMA and returning failed unit to client manufacture site for repairing.

  • Won 3 university/academy lab orders within the 1st year, 20+ prospects were at the stage of evaluation. As the early adopters, these 3 labs were doing the cutting edge work in their application areas which created good reference to others. 

  • Sales strategy is under working with the launching of larger size light source and photolithograph system (at the moment of Nov.,2023).

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