Project Name:
Next generation Bonding Meter for Aviation and MRO
Task Description:
Client needed to acquire the requirements from the aviation and MRO industry of China for the new bonding meter design, and the marketing and sales strategy for the product launch.
Result Delivered:
  • Identified existing products from 7 actively peer players in China.

  • Various application scenarios in the field, detailed to test probe, were described.

  • Clarified common and different selection consideration from Civil and military customers respectively in China.

  • TAM, SAM and SOM of the bonding meter in aviation in China were estimated.

  • Provided pricing confirmation and suggestions.

  • Top 10 target groups of aircraft manufacturing and service in China were identified.

  • Developed local sales partners for the above targets.

  • China became the 1st country of achieving 10 pieces new bonding meter selling.

  • This new bonding meter is becoming the Most Welcome in the world. 

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