Project Name:
New High Power RF Calibration System and RF Power Meter for semiconductor process
Task Description:
Client needed to acquire the current offering information for the target application in the market, which was to support the new product development plan.
Result Delivered:
  • The comprehensive models’ information of the key player in the semiconductor market, over 70 models, were summarized.

  • Important information about the product application was collected from the No.1 semiconductor foundry in the world.

  • Explained/Presented client high power RF calibration technology and capacity in sales call, seminar, trade show, workshop, etc., built up the benchmark in China and Asia (exclude Japan).

  • 4 primary standard level metrology labs in Asia (including China) selected the solution. The biggest single order is over US$800K.

  • The progress in China and Asia supported positively the client Corp. core credibility in the semiconductor in the world. 

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