Project Name:
NMR Magnetometer sales and marketing improvement in China
Task Description:
Client anticipant the new and most accurate NMR Magnetometer to bring significant sales increase from China. The performance of existing distributor in China has been under the expectation for many years.
Result Delivered:
  • Developed a new distributor which fit the client. The old exclusive distributor was terminated and replaced.

  • Identified 3 top targeted industries in China: MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) manufacture, scientific research of accelerator, magnetic metrology and testing lab.

  • 10+ MRI manufacturers contributed sales revenue tripled from $0.5M to $1.5M within 3 years. Opportunities of 15+ magnetic scientific research and metrology labs were over $1.5M after 1 year’s promotion.

  • Chinese language material of products and web page editing.

  • Showcased client technology and products through various medias in China.

  • Quarterly review and forecast of China sales with factory which is in Europe.

  • China customer satisfaction was improved significantly. There was the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Collobration with clients to maintain strategic customer relations.

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