Project Name:
New Data Acquisition/Switching Instrument sales campaign in China
Task Description:
A comprehensive Go to Market strategy need to be developed and deployed in China organization of the Corp. to support launching of the new data acquisition unit.
Result Delivered:
  • The products were recognized in the top 3 instrumentation of data acquisition in China 3 years after the launching.

  • Annual average sales were over 350 units in first 3 years.

  • Distribution network throughout China was built up, over 10 territory distributors.

  • System integrators were developed, 2 of them became outstanding, who were expertizing in automobile test and ATE system for multiple industries in China.

  • Developed rich applications, temperature/voltage/resistance acquisition, burn-in, HALT and HASS acceleration, ATE, etc., which were documented as marketing resource.

  • Extended to wider industries in China beyond science and research, these include automobile, discrete component, IC, medical equipment, telecommunication, computer peripherals, aviation, solar cell and panel, etc.

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