Project Name:
Sales and Marketing Campaign of New Platform of Semiconductor Parameter Test System in China
Task Description:
The state-of-the-art, new platform of semiconductor parameter test system needed “Go to Market” in China. The goal was to gain the share as quickly and big as possible. The challenges were the uncertainty of existing customers’ adoption of the new platform, and the competition from the No.1 player in this specific segment. The single order of the system is US$40K~$100K depending on the configuration.
Result Delivered:
  • Functions associated to complete the task was deployed in China organization locally, including territory sales rep., business development, FAE, Marcom, Demo unit, repair.

  • System features, unique strengths, and benefits to customers, were extracted and trained throughout the sales team.

  • Target accounts, opportunity funnel, and application list were created and kept closely maintaining.

  • Built Joint-Lab of semiconductor test with top level university in China.

  • Several sets were sold at the first year of launching, about 40 sets system were sold in China at the 4th year of launching.

  • Customer base was specially maintained and kept expanding, which brought continued opportunities of system upgrading with new modules and functions adding in.

  • Now this system is playing significant role in penetrating the market of 3rd generation semiconductor, with the featured test capacities to the applications of WAT, PCM and WLR, in both lab and wafer manufacturing.

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