Project Name:
Introducing Programmable AC /DC Power Supply, E-load, and application specific Power Subsystem to China market
Task Description:
Client has broad and featured portfolio, their existing exclusive distributor in China has been working with them for many years, but the sales number was far from the expectation comparing to what the market should contribute. Client expected the business could be tripled with assigning new partner and conducting effective activities in China.
Result Delivered:
  • Goal of distributing this new product family was defined in the new partner organization in China. Commitments were made from each division, direct sales, FAE, Marcom, service, distribution.

  • Widely approached existing and new customers in China, in the markets of aviation and aerospace, automobile, computer peripheral, automation, semiconductor, R&E, etc.

  • Numerous information about products and applications was collected and feedbacked to the factory.

  • The single biggest order was US$1.8M which included the systems of Solar Array Simulator (SAS) and Battery String Simulator (BSS).  

  • Now the sales revenue is maintained at the level of US$10M in China.

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